Welcome to the biggest, most comprehensive Star Wars Millennium Falcon building toy model ever made --actuality, with 8,445 pieces it is one of my largest models! This wonderful interpretation of Han Solo's imposing Corellian freighter includes all of the particulars that Star Wars lovers of any age could wish for, such as complex exterior detailing, landing legs, lower and top quad laser cannons, lowering dressing ramp plus a 4-minifigure control cabin with removable canopy. Detatch individual hull plates to show the very highly detailed principal grip, gunnery station and back compartment. This wonderful building toys set also includes interchangeable detector dishes and team, which means you choose whether to perform classic Star Wars experiences with Leia, Han, C-3PO and Chewbacca, or even go into the planet of Episode VIII and VII with elderly Han, Finn, Rey and BB-8!

• Also contains 3 Episode VIII/VII team minifigures: Rey, Older Han Solo and also Finn.
• Change outside the Characteristics and team characters to change between classic and Episode VII/VIII variations of this Millennium Falcon!
• Turn classic Leia's and Han's head to show their breathing hide decoration.
• Features a new cockpit canopy part.
• This version comprises 8,445 pieces.
• Open individual hull panels to get the thorough inside whilst keeping the total exterior look.
• Includes 4 classic team minifigures: Chewbacca, Han Solo, C-3PO and Princess Leia.
• Slide the board to show the hidden blaster cannon.
• Main grip includes a seating space, Dejarik holographic match, battle remote coaching helmet, technology channel with turning minifigure chair and a door construct with passageway decoration.
• Gunnery channel comes with a minifigure gunner's chair and removable strand panel with fully rotatable quad laser cannon. An extra quad laser cannon can also be mounted on the bottom.
• Also contains an informational reality plaque.
• Episode VII/VIII team weapons comprise Han's blaster, Rey's little silver blaster and with Finn's moderate blaster rifle.
• Classic team weapons comprise Han's blaster pistol along with Chewbacca's stud-firing bowcaster.
• Rear seat includes the motor space with hyperdrive plus console, 2 doors, concealed floor compartment, two escape pod hatches, technology console along with an access ladder into the gunnery channel.
• Figures incorporate a BB-8 droid, two buildable Porgs plus also a buildable Mynock.
• Makes the ideal next-generation toy or even flagship display version.
• Exterior features include richly detailed and detachable hull panels, also a trimming vanity, hidden a blaster cannon, 4-minifigure control cabin with detachable ribbon, interchangeable round/rectangular sensor dishes, top and lower quad laser cannons, plus even 7 landing bottoms.
• This set is compatible with brand bricks and stands over 8" (21cm) high, 22" (56cm) wide and 33" (84cm) long.


This is a brand new model kit with instructions, the blocks are of a very high standard and are compatible with all major brands, it will be posted safe and securely without the original box to keep costs down, I can also offer great wholesale prices, if you have any questions please feel free to ask me and I will answer the best I can.

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Type: Blocks
Age Range: 7+ Years
Plastic Type: ABS
Plastic Block Shape: Self-Locking Bricks

Star Wars 8445 Pieces UCS Millennium Falcon

  • All my sets come complete with the relevant high quality minifigures the original sets would have.